Where Do You Live?

Where Do You Live?


I.         Where a person spends his time reveals a lot about their character

            A.        Which country or region a person comes from

            B.        The kind of home they select or the people they live with

            C.        But we are interested in spiritual things here. Where can I find your tent, among God’s people or Satan’s followers?

            D.        The Bible has much to say about our dwellings or where we abide

                        1.         Abide means where you are or where you stand.

                        2.         It does not mean possession or control of another

II.        Examples of Abiding

            A.        The Holy Spirit dwells in us - Jn 14:15-17

            B.        Jesus dwells in God - Jn 14:11

            C.        God dwells in Jesus - Jn 14:11

            D.        Christians dwell in Jesus - Jn 14:20

            E.        Jesus dwells in us - Jn 14:20

            F.        God dwells in us - I Jn 4:16

            G.        Christians dwell in love - I Jn 4:16

            H.        Christians dwell in the Word - I Jn 2:14, 24

            I.         Too often mankind rejects the simplicity of God’s way. We want things to be mysterious and mystical.

                        1.         People hear about the Holy Spirit dwelling in Christians and they imagine all sorts of things.

                        2.         They suppose it is a good form of demon possession. God comes and takes control of our lives.

                        3.         God does control my life, but only because I have given myself over to him. I still have choice, I could still rebel, but I chose to do things God’s way.

III.       The dwelling of the Holy Spirit is no different than the dwelling of Christ

            A.        Rom. 8:9-11 - The Holy Spirit dwelling and Christ dwelling in the saved is used interchangeably

            B.        Gal. 4:19 - Christ is formed in us when we become Christians

            C.        Eph. 3:17 - Christ dwells in us through faith

            D.        Eph. 4:7 - Christ’s gift is spoken of just as we speak of the Holy Spirit’s gift in Acts 2:38

            E.        The mystery among the Gentiles is Christ in us - Col. 1:27

                        1.         This is not some mysterious control or spirit possession

                        2.         It is a description of close fellowship with God and His influence through His teachings on our lives.

                        3.         It can’t refer to God directly controlling our lives.

                                    a.         We dwell in God, just as He dwells in us.

                                    b.         We do not control God!

IV.      God’s tent

            A.        People are the tabernacle of God

                        1.         Rev. 21:3

                        2.         II Cor. 6:16

                        3.         I Cor. 6:19

            B.        God chooses to spend time with His people

                        1.         Old Testament - Ex. 29:45-46

                        2.         New Testament - Jn. 1:14

            C.        It is not a physical dwelling. The universe cannot contain God - I Kings 8:27; Isa. 66:1

V.        It is not an unconditional dwelling. We have to have something in common with God: our ideas, beliefs, and goals

            A.        Jn 14:15-24 - Requires love that leads to obedience

            B.        I Jn 4:12-13 - Requires that we love each other

            C.        I Jn 4:14-16 - Requires standing for Christ

VI.      Where we dwell is our choice

            A.        I Jn 2:24-27 - Let the word dwell ... “LET” -- it is a choice

            B.        Rev. 3:20 - Jesus is knocking, asking to come in. Will we let the Lord make His dwelling with us?