When Itís All About Me

When It’s All About Me

Text: Luke 12:13-21


I.         Peter once tried to hide the fact that he followed Jesus.

            A.        Despite repeated accusations that he was seen with Jesus, he denied the truth.

            B.        But one servant called his bluff, pointing out “Surely you also are one of them, for your speech betrays you” (Matthew 26:73).

            C.        We don’t often think that small things, like the way we talk tells others a lot about us.

                        1.         Just like our actions. It is not what we claim, but who we are that shows our character - Matthew 7:16-20

                        2.         I frequently get questions that start out “I’m a Christian” or “I’m a believer” or “I go to church” and are followed by situation where very un-Christ-like behavior is revealed.

                        3.         I often wonder why the disconnection is not seen - John 14:23-24

II.        How a person’s character is revealed

            A.        Nabal - I Samuel 25:2-11

                        1.         David had been doing Nabal a favor without being asked, giving his flock and his shepherds protection.

                        2.         A feast day was coming up and David asked if he and his men might join Nabal for the meal. Small payment for what David and his men had done.

                        3.         Notice Nabal’s response in I Samuel 25:11. Note the use of “I” and “my.” What kind of man is Nabal?

                                    a.         David’s own pride was wounded and he planned revenge - I Samuel 25:21-22

                                    b.         But Nabal’s wife, Abigail, intervene and helped David see that by taking revenge, he would fighting evil with evil - I Samuel 25:28-31

                        4.         David was rightly angry, but God took care of the matter - I Samuel 25:36-38

            B.        Sennacherib

                        1.         Sennacherib taunted Hezekiah - Isaiah 36:14-20

                        2.         The problem is pointed out by God - Isaiah 10:5-15

                                    a.         Notice in Isaiah 10:13-14 the use of “I” and “my” in Sennacherib’s boast.

                        3.         Sennacherib thought it was all his own doing - Isaiah 37:23-29

                                    a.         He never thought that he was a tool in God’s hands

                        4.         That night, God turned his taunt against him - Isaiah 37:36-38

            C.        Nebuchadnezzar

                        1.         Despite being given a dream and a warning, Nebuchadnezzar found pleasure in his accomplishments - Daniel 4:28-33

                        2.         Notice in Daniel 4:30 the use of “I” and “my”

                        3.         Unlike the others we examined, Nebuchadnezzar learned his lesson - Daniel 4:34-37

            D.        The foolish rich man - Luke 12:16-19

                        1.         Notice the use of “I”, “my,” and addressing himself in Luke 12:17-19

                        2.         In his pride he forgot how little he controlled of his life - Luke 12:20-21

III.       Application

            A.        I Peter 5:5-7

                        1.         Be submissive to each other. Put each other’s desires before our own.

                        2.         Be humble

                        3.         Be dependent on God

            B.        Consider how you talk and write about yourself - Romans 12:3

            C.        Consider that even in small words, such as “I” and “my” we might be revealing a character that we don’t desire - Matthew 12:36-37