What Comes Out of Your Mouth

What Comes Out of Your Mouth

Text: James 3:1-12


I.         People are not known for their consistency

II.        What we say does not match what we do

            A.        The Pharisees talked about doing the right things, but they did not put them to practice in their own lives - Matthew 23:1-4

            B.        Claim one thing, do something else - Titus 1:16

            C.        A person is known by their actions, not their speech - Luke 6:43-49

                        1.         Something you would wish politicians would learn, but more that people would realize about politicians.

                        2.         Words are cheap if they are not backed up by action.

                        3.         But you see it in other people as well.

                                    a.         “I plan to attend church more regularly.”

                                    b.         “I know I need to work on that problem.”

            D.        James has strong words for such in consistency - James 2:14-17

            E.        Cannot have it both ways - I John 2:4

            F.        We find an example of this among the apostles - Galatians 2:14

            G.        We cannot expect justification while sinning - Galatians 2:17

            H.        Romans 2:23-24 - Do we blaspheme the name of God by our inconsistent words versus deeds?

III.       What we expect of others is not what we expect of ourselves

            A.        The Jews were harshly judging the Gentiles - Romans 2:1-3

            B.        Lessons to be learned are always what someone else needed to hear - Romans 2:21

            C.        It is the point behind helping others with their problems - Matthew 7:3

IV.      What we say or do isn’t consistent from moment to moment

            A.        People say nice things and evil things from the same mouth - James 3:10

            B.        David was a man after God’s heart, but he broke God’s law by committing adultery and then trying to use murder to cover up his sin - II Samuel 12:14

            C.        We also need consistency in speech - Ephesians 5:1-8

                        1.         Have you ever seen an adult talking like a little kid.

                                    a.         It looks silly. Why?

                                    b.         The inconsistency between who a person is and what he is saying.

                        2.         Dirty jokes are not fitting for someone who claims that sex outside of marriage is wrong

                        3.         As Christians we claim to know that profanity and cursing is wrong

                                    a.         Yet I hear of some even among us who in a fit of anger use the very words they say are wrong.

                                    b.         Others use words without thought as to the words’ meanings.

                                    c.         How about a homework assignment for both parents and children?

                                                (1)       Find a dictionary that includes slang definitions, such as a Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary or read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euphemism and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euphemisms

                                                (2)       Look up the following words, words that I have heard being used around here: dang, darn, heck, shoot, B.S., dog gone it, gee, golly, gosh, freaking.

                                                (3)       Write down the definitions and then tell me if these are appropriate words for people who are professing to live godly lives.

V.        Application

            A.        But think about the things you and I may say from day-to-day

            B.        Have you ever in frustration told your kids, “If you don’t get over here right now, I’m going to knock your block off.”

                        1.         “Oh, the kids know I don’t really mean it.”

                        2.         Oh, so your kids know you lie from time to time?

                        3.         Realize that children are very literal minded, yet because your words don’t match your actions, what have you taught them?

                        4.         Now, I’m not advocating violence, what I’m saying is that even in anger our words need to be accurate and controlled - James 1:19-22

            C.        Have you seen some one do wrong and then said nothing?

                        1.         To accept an evil deed is to approve of it - Psalm 50:16-20

            D.        One that always amazed me is the grumbling about brethren

                        1.         A sign of brotherhood is our love for each other - John 13:34-35

                        2.         Yet, so many are unhappy. They grumble, bicker, and cause strife - I Corinthians 3:3

                        3.         Yes, because people sin, there will be problems between brethren at times, but problems aren’t solved by grumbling.

                        4.         Put off / put on - Colossians 3:8-15