The Second Death

The Second Death


I.         Rev. 21:7-8

            A.        A sample of those who are going to die the “Second Death”

            B.        Not a complete list, but it gives us an idea of the practices God views as punishable.

II.        What is the second death?

            A.        First we need to answer, what is the first death?

                        1.         All men have an appointment with death - Heb. 9:27

                        2.         We only die once before judgement.

                        3.         I Pet 1:24 - We are like grass that dies

            B.        Rev. 20:14-15 - The destruction of death, hell, and all who are not in the book of life is the second death.

            C.        (Summary of what hell is like)

                        1.         Eternal

                        2.         Torment

                        3.         Separation from God (darkness)

III.       Who faces the second death

            A.        The cowardly (or fearful)

                        1.         It seems strange. If I’m scared I can’t go to heaven?

                        2.         To be a Christian, you must be willing to confess your belief in Christ - Rom. 10:8-11

                        3.         That requires boldness, because everyone will not be will like hearing that confession

                                    a.         John 12:42-43 - Those who would not confess Christ

                        4.         Luke 12:4-9 - Fear God, not man. God cares for us and will protect us.

                        5.         I Pet 3:13-15 - Fear no man, but be willing to answer

                        6.         Being fearful means we do not fully believe God. We do not trust God. We do not have confidence in Him.

                        7.         Under the Old Law, those who were fearful could not have a part in fighting for God in Israel’s battles. If we are fearful, we cannot be a part of the Lord’s army and if we are not for Him, then we are among those who are against Him.

            B.        The unbelieving

                        1.         Those who have rejected God, not believing what He has taught.

                        2.         II Cor. 4:3-4 - They are lost because Satan has blinded them

                        3.         They are the fools who claim there is no God - Ps. 14:1

                        4.         Tit 1:15-16 - They may even claim to know God, but their works speak otherwise.

                                    a.         There are many who fill denominational seminaries

                                    b.         Religion is just a subject to be studied and argued over

                                    c.         It is not a matter of life or death. It is not something we have to follow.

            C.        The abominable

                        1.         Literally, those that stink. Those who are disgusting.

                        2.         Eph. 5:5 - No impure (unclean) person has a part of the kingdom

                        3.         II Cor. 6:14-17 - Things associated with ungodliness

            D.        Murderer

                        1.         A person who kills with criminal intent

                        2.         The Bible distinquishes between intentional murder, accidental murder, and killings that are carried out for justice

            E.        Immoral persons (or whoremongers)

                        1.         A prostitute. One who sells themselves for sexual relations.

                        2.         I Cor 5:9-11 - Christians are not to participate in such practises

                        3.         Not just physical prostitution. Esau committed spiritual prostitution by selling his birthright for a bowl of red bean soup - Heb 12:15-16

            F.        Soceries

                        1.         Literally, drug dealers and users. Strongly associated with occultic practices.

                        2.         Rev. 18:23 - Drug use deceives the nations.

            G.        Idolator

                        1.         One who worships an image

                        2.         Isa 44:9-20 - Idols are nothing. They do not live. They cannot save.

                        3.         Yet people will trust in something that they create with their own hands than to trust in God - Rom 1:21-23

IV.      Let us not be like these, but rather fill our lives with righteous living that we might take hold of eternal life.