Redemption in Prophecy

Redemption in Prophecy

Text: Luke 24:44-48


I.         The primary purpose of a prophet was to teach God’s word to people

            A.        Without a revelation of God’s intention, mankind would be lost, for God doesn’t see the world the way man does - Isaiah 55:8-9

            B.        Thus, God explained His actions, His goals, and His requirements to us - I Corinthians 2:9-10

            C.        The pronouncements of the prophets pointed to a basic goal – the salvation of mankind - I Peter 1:9-12

                        1.         The very curiosity of the prophets as to when these things would be accomplished indicates that they were not the source of these statements.

                        2.         They were merely the instrument in the hands of God - II Peter 1:19-21

                        3.         Secret things belong to God. We deal in what has been revealed - Deuteronomy 29:29

            D.        Jesus came to fulfill the prophets’ words - Matthew 5:17

                        1.         He came to bring the salvation long promised.

II.        Jesus, the Focus of Prophecy

            A.        When we examine the prophecies in the Bible, we realize that one person is unique.

                        1.         More prophecies deal with one individual than all others combined

                        2.         A redeemer - Job 19:23-27

                        3.         A prophet - Deuteronomy 18:18-19; Acts 3:22-24

            B.        Why such a richly detailed description?

                        1.         Only one person could fulfill those prophecies.

                        2.         It would be impossible for anyone to counterfeit and establish himself as the one foretold - John 10:1-3

                        3.         Seeing it come to pass, we realize the truth - John 14:29

            C.        There have been many before Jesus, and many since his time who claim to be the head of God’s religion. Some have successful established religions. But as we go through these prophecies, realize that none were spoken of by the prophets as was Jesus.

                        1.         Oh, these false leaders will take a few passages and attempt to twist them to apply in some way to their own lives

                        2.         But they cannot match the intense focus of prophecy that was given only to one.

III.       The Birth of Christ

            A.        Isaiah 7:14

                        1.         Many have tried to avoid the impact of this one statement.

                        2.         A virgin would bear a son and he would be called “God with us.”

                                    a.         Imagine in the history of the world the claim that child would be born with no earthly father

                                    b.         The only one who could wholly claim to be of the seed of woman - Genesis 3:15

                                    c.         We know the answer now, but imagine the puzzlement before.

                                    d.         Only in the mind of God - Isaiah 46:9-10

            B.        Micah 5:2

                        1.         The long announced ruler would come from a small town

                        2.         But notice also the claim that this ruler has been working eternally! - John 1:1-2, 14

IV.      The Life of Christ

            A.        Isaiah 53:2

                        1.         A mighty ruler comes from an unpretentious background.

                        2.         There is nothing particularly notable of this man, at least not physically.

            B.        The events of his childhood

                        1.         The killing of infants - Jeremiah 31:15

                        2.         The family’s flight in to Egypt - Hosea 11:1

                        3.         Their return, not to Bethlehem, but small, despised place - Isaiah 9:1-2; John 1:46

            C.        John, the Baptist, grew concerned whether Jesus was the actual one all looked for, but Jesus reminded him of yet another prophecy - Matthew 11:2-6

                        1.         The prophecy, recorded by Isaiah, also contained a message for John - Isaiah 35:4-6

                        2.         Imagine asking a question and finding a personal message for you buried in words you had studied throughout your life!

V.        The Death of Christ

            A.        But the mission of Jesus was to die - Luke 12:50; John 12:27

            B.        Isaiah richly describes his death - Isaiah 53

            C.        His rejection was prophesied - Isaiah 28:14-16

                        1.         Verse 16 was quoted by Peter and applied to Jesus - I Peter 2:7

            D.        He died, according to the Scriptures - I Corinthians 15:3

            E.        This wasn’t the end, but an essential step to life - I Corinthians 15:4; John 11:25-26

            F.        Name another man who arose from the grave to live eternally!

                        1.         Jesus alone is the Messiah, the Christ

                        2.         There is no other

VI.      The Resurrection of Christ

            A.        Even Jesus’ enemies understood that he planned to arise on the third day - Matthew 27:62-64

            B.        Psalm 16:8-11

                        1.         Though appearing to speak of David, Peter points out that it can’t refer to David - Acts 2:25-32

                        2.         Too much time from David to this day would allow the words of incorruption in the grave to stand true.

                        3.         It can only apply to Jesus

            C.        The resurrection showed Jesus’ power over Satan, who could not hold him in death.- Hebrews 2:14-15

                        1.         It is the ultimate victory - I Corinthians 15:55-57

                        2.         Others had been raised from the dead, but they all eventually died.

VII.     The Ascension of Christ

            A.        A brief summary of the Gospel - I Timothy 3:16

            B.        A life witnessed by the Apostles - I John 1:1-3

            C.        And witness his ascension - Acts 1:9

            D.        Prophesied by Daniel - Daniel 7:13-14

            E.        Described by David - Psalm 24:7-10

            F.        He led captivity captive - Ephesians 4:8 (Psalm 68:18)

                        1.         Freed from sin to be slaves of righteousness - Romans 6:18

VIII.    Will you be a part of God’s plan of salvation? - Ephesians 1:3-14