A Popular Sport - Unfotunately

A Popular Sport – Unfortunately

Text: Judges 16:23-30


I.         In our text, the Philistine lords and ladies were getting their jollies from having a captured enemy “amuse” them.

            A.        Exactly what Samson was doing, we don’t know

            B.        But here was a man whom they had gouged out his eyes and used as an ox to run a grinding mill

            C.        They must have thought it great fun to embarrass him and degrade him

II.        There are numerous fans of baseball, football, basketball, soccer and a host of other sports

            A.        Yet the world is filled with people who enjoy themselves in the sport of evil - Proverbs 10:23

                        1.         The word “sport” here means to laugh in a derogatory manner, to scoff or to mock.

                        2.         Some people get their jollies from doing evil or seeing evil done to another - Romans 1:32

                        3.         And their laughter is like fingernails on a chalkboard - Ecclesiastes 7:5-6

            B.        For some it starts in childhood

                        1.         One child tattles on another just to get to see him get in trouble.

                        2.         He carries this sport into adulthood. He enjoys seeing his enemies discomforted.

                        3.         The Christian must combat this desire - Romans 12:17-21

            C.        Others are satisfied with passively watching. They actively set traps for their amusement

                        1.         People who hunt for people - Jeremiah 5:26-29

                        2.         They go out to prey on the weak, like gangs - Proverbs 1:10-19

            D.        Perhaps you have seen the thug who sees a likely victim. As he approaches, he gives his cohorts a wink as he begins to taught the unfortunate person. Perhaps he signals his friend to put out his foot just before he nudges the person, causing him to stumble. Oh, the thugs get a lot of laughs out of the fear of a weaker person.

                        1.         Psalm 35:19-20 - Deliver from those who wink maliciously

                        2.         The winker is a trouble maker - Proverbs 10:10

                        3.         A totally worthless person - Proverbs 6:12-15

III.       Another sport is the telling of lies

            A.        We even have contests around this country for who can tell the biggest lies.

            B.        Lying continues to be a widespread problem - Jeremiah 9:2-6

            C.        People misrepresent products they want to buy to get them cheaper - Proverbs 20:14

                        1.         Gains from deceit start out pleasurable, but they leave a bad taste in the mouth - Proverbs 20:17

                        2.         Oddly enough, liars are more frequently taken in by other liars - Proverbs 17:4

            D.        In reality, the liar has contempt for those to whom he lies - Proverbs 26:24-28

            E.        Lies causes harm to the liar and those around him - Proverbs 25:18

            F.        And yet when a liar is caught, he often says, “It was just a joke.” - Proverbs 26:18-19

                        1.         Lies are never a joke. They hurt other people and damage your reputation.

                        2.         I received a letter where a man exposed some fraud in the Philippines. The problem is that knowing how greedy these people were for money, he decided to have a little “fun” with them. He told them that a big name preacher was bring a sizable about of money for benevolence. As expected, when the preacher arrived, people flocked to him, but left disappointed.

                                    a.         Yes, he illustrated their greed, but he proved himself to be a liar.

                                    b.         “But it was only in fun,” he responded.

                                    c.         But now everyone wonders if he lied then, how do we know if the rest of his letter is not another lie?

IV.      Another sport is partying

            A.        There are people who party when it is time to work - II Peter 2:13-14

            B.        To the foolish, foolish deeds look fun - Proverbs 15:21

            C.        Those of the world don’t understand why Christians don’t join in the “fun” - I Peter 4:3-5

                        1.         I remember one boy in high school who could not understand how a person could have fun at party without alcohol and drugs.

                        2.         He was like the drunkard - Proverbs 23-33-25

            D.        Christians are warned not to join in telling dirty jokes because is soils our reputation - Ephesians 5:4

            E.        Have fun, do what you desire, but temper your actions knowing that God will judge and there will be no excuse of “we were only having a little fun.” - Ecclesiastes 11:9

V.        One of the things that disgusted me in New York were the people who made fun at the concept of sin.

            A.        It is as if people have the right to sin if they so chose and no one else has a right to say it is wrong.

            B.        Proverbs 14:9 - The word “mock” literally means “to make mouths at.” In other words, to make faces at the idea that sin exists.

            C.        God will judge and His judgment will be strict - Ezekiel 24:14

            D.        His judgment will be just - Romans 2:5-8

            E.        Sin is not fun and games. It is death and eternal destruction. Don’t make a sport out of sin.