As an Ox Led to the Slaughter

As an Ox Led to the Slaughter

Text: Proverbs 7:6-23


I.         When we describe the character of a person, we will sometimes compare them to an animal who exhibits similar traits.

            A.        Boy who just had an encounter with a mud puddle will be greeted at the door with “You’re as dirty as a pig!”

            B.        You might be warned about another businessman because “He’s as slippery as an eel.”

            C.        And when someone doesn’t get his way, of course the other person is as stubborn as a mule.

            D.        We find similar comparisons in the Bible.

                        1.         Herod is called a fox - Luke 13:32

                        2.         Judah was called a lion’s whelp - Genesis 49:9

                        3.         Issachar was a strong ass - Genesis 49:14

                        4.         Dan was a serpent by the path - Genesis 49:17

                        5.         Naphtali was a deer on the loose - Genesis 49:21

                        6.         Benjamin was a ravenous wolf - Genesis 49:27

II.        A naive young man

            A.        Solomon looked out his window and saw a foolish young man - Proverbs 7:6-10

            B.        It didn’t take the woman long to convince the young man to follow her into her house - Proverbs 7:21-23

            C.        Solomon watched and it reminded him of several similar things

                        1.         As an ox is being led to the butcher it is just as content to follow the farmer as if he were being led out to pasture.

                                    a.         The ox is unaware of what is happening around him

                                    b.         In the same way this young man was being led off, blindly unaware of any danger that would result

                        2.         A fool to the correction stock

                                    a.         The fool doesn’t connect his current actions to the later consequences

                                    b.         In the same way this young man is focused on the promise of current pleasure and doesn’t see the embarrassment and later pain it will bring to him.

                        3.         A man struck in his liver by an arrow

                                    a.         The liver is a vital organ, but to wait until an arrow has damaged his liver is too late to realize that he was in danger.

                                    b.         In the same way this young man will not listen to reason nor think to take steps to protect himself until after the irreversible damage is done .

                        4.         A bird rushing to the snare

                                    a.         The bird sees the bait and thinks only to get it quickly before other beats him to it. In his eagerness, he does see the trap that will snare him.

                                    b.         In the same way this young man is eager for sex, he sees the opportunity and rushes headlong toward it without ever noticing the trap.

            D.        Think about it for moment, what happens in all these cases?

                        1.         The danger is not so subtle that it cannot be seen

                        2.         The problem is that the person is so caught up in momentary pleasure that he becomes completely unaware of surrounding environment

                        3.         It not because of a lack of strength, Solomon points out the many strong men have been pulled down by sexual sins - Proverbs 7:26

                        4.         An ox is a strong and mighty beast, but strength cannot save you when you don’t engage your mind.

III.       Being Aware of Satan’s Schemes

            A.        Paul urged the Corinthians to forgive those who wronged them because Satan would take advantage of their division. It is a preventable advantage because Christians ought to be aware of Satan’s schemes - II Corinthians 2:11

            B.        It is the wicked who are so caught up in their ways that they don’t even see their sins - Proverbs 4:19

            C.        Some people facing troubles in life turn to drinking and drugs to dull the pain of living, but it is only a momentary escape. It dulls their intelligence, it stifles their connection to reality, so they aren’t even able to tell when they are hurt - Proverbs 23:35

            D.        Those committing sexual sins are too caught up in pleasure to see the death around them - Proverbs 9:18

            E.        Others in a rush for wealth take shortcuts and are completely unaware of financial disasters awaiting them - Proverbs 28:22

            F.        If they thought about God at all, they thought God won’t notice - Isaiah 40:27-28

            G.        When God punished them, it made no impact - Jeremiah 5:3-4

IV.      Foolish Trust in Self

            A.        God complained that Israel was dumber than an ox - Isaiah 1:3

            B.        Israel turned to idols, an obvious falsehood, and God asks “Why?” - Isaiah 40:21

            C.        Being wise in their own conceit led to blindness in Israel - Romans 11:25

            D.        God’s way was visible, but they could not grasp it - Isaiah 6:9

            E.        When people are ignorant of God’s righteousness, they make up their own - Romans 10:3

            F.        When faced with truth, they speak evil of it because they do not understand it - II Peter 2:12

            G.        Man is not able to see the path of safety - Proverbs 20:24

            H.        Take heed lest you fall - I Corinthians 10:12

V.        Brethren we don’t have to be ignorant

            A.        The world walks in darkness - Ephesians 4:17-24

            B.        Don’t let Satan blind you to the truth that is all around you - II Peter 1:8-11

            C.        Don’t you see God’s goodness leading you toward repentance? - Romans 2:2-4