Inspiration and Trivia

Short Talk


Question:        How can the Bible claim to be from the mouth of God when it contains so much trivial information, such as Paul’s request to bring his cloak in II Timothy 4:13? Surely, these things cannot be inspired!


I.         What superficially appears to be trivial may, upon deeper reflection, be a rich depository of truth.

II.        Using II Timothy 4:13

            A.        Why did Paul leave his cloak in Troas?

                        1.         Was he forced to flee and had no time to pick it up?

                        2.         Perhaps this indicates that Paul continued to be persecuted in his later years.

            B.        Think of Paul’s sacrificial poverty.

                        1.         Paul was willing to spend and be spent for the cause of Christ - II Corinthians 12:15

                        2.         Winter is coming and Paul’s one cloak is hundreds of miles away.

                        3.         Paul was not stranger to cold and nakedness - II Corinthians 11:27

            C.        What happened to the saints in Rome?

                        1.         They had originally welcomed Paul enthusiastically, rushing out to meet him as he approached Rome - Acts 28:15

                        2.         Had many of them been scattered in the persecutions?

                        3.         Had some of them turned against Paul? - Philippians 1:15-17

                        4.         During Paul’s first trial, no one stood up for him in defense - II Timothy 4:16

                        5.         During the second time in Rome, only Luke was with him - II Timothy 4:11

                        6.         Perhaps the saints love had grown cold - Matthew 24:12

            D.        Notice Paul’s fortitude

                        1.         No word of complaint. No whimpering. No brow-beating of neglectful brethren. No pitiful solicitation of others.

III.       No passage is meaningless or trivial.

            A.        It may be trivial to us only because we have not dug deeply enough for meaning.