In Truth

In Truth

Text: II John


I.         Truth is Jesus Christ - John 14:6

            A.        The book of II John expands on this idea

            B.        The book is written by the Apostle, and Elder, John

            C.        To whom it is addressed has been debated

                        1.         Some see “elect lady” as a symbol of the church, but if so, who are her children and who are those who have known the truth and also love her?

                                    a.         It also doesn’t match the grammar, such as in verse 5.

                        2.         Some see “elect lady” as referencing a specific, but unnamed person whom John is acquainted with.

                        3.         Finally, the name “lady”or “Kyria” was a popular name and this letter could be addressed to a Christian woman named Kyria.

II.        Love the Truth - II John 1-3

            A.        John has a genuine love for this woman and her children

                        1.         But the same statement can be read that his love resides in the arena of truth

                        2.         That arena is the gospel - Colossians 1:5

            B.        A love that is shared by others who also know the truth

                        1.         It is what Jesus said of his followers - John 8:31-32.

                        2.         Christians know the truth - I John 2:21

            C.        The basis of this shared love is all have shared the truth

                        1.         A love based on action and truth - I John 3:18

                        2.         A lasting love - I Peter 1:22-23

            D.        There are many trying to create a unity that is not based on truth.

                        1.         They fail to last because their foundations are not permanent

                        2.         There can be no sincere love without a sincere love for truth

III.       Walk in Truth - II John 4-6

            A.        John rejoices that some of her children also walk in the truth

                        1.         Some because all are not yet old enough

                        2.         Some because John only met a few in his travels and doesn’t have first hand knowledge of the others

                        3.         Or, it cannot be ruled out that John knows some are not faithful, but he prefers to focus on the good and not the bad.

            B.        Christianity is not a claim, but a way of life. It is the things done because of what is within - Hosea 14:9

                        1.         Walk in love - Ephesians 5:2

                        2.         Walk in light - Ephesians 5:8

                        3.         Walking in darkness means we are not practicing the truth - I John 1:6

            C.        Though John had just complimented on their common love, yet John pleads that she follows one commandment in particular - to love one another - I John 3:11

                        1.         It is the same as I Thessalonians 4:9-10

                        2.         You have it, but there is always room for growth

            D.        If you look at love as a feeling, have you thought how odd it is to command love?

            E.        How does one love the brethren? By doing God’s will - I John 5:3

                        1.         Love is not a feeling or words, but the deeds that accompany the words and the feelings - James 2:14-16

                        2.         Love in deed and in truth - I John 3:17-19

                        3.         Serving one another is love - Galatians 5:13-14

            F.        Love is the keeping of God’s commandments - John 14:23

                        1.         A fact that few who claim Christianity accept

                        2.         Oh their mouths claim to love God, but meanwhile their feet run off to do evil

IV.      Abide in Truth - II John 7-11

            A.        The world is filled with false teachers, deceivers, people who act against Christ

                        1.         A prime example at the time of this writing were the Gnostics who taught that world was sin and the spirit was good so since Jesus had no sin, he could not have been physically in the world - I John 4:1-3

                        2.         A belief that is making a comeback through “The Gospel of Judas” and strangely even “The Da Vinci Code” – a promotion of Gnostic writings

                        3.         False teachers, following goals of Satan, will attempt to pull believers out of the confines of the truth

                                    a.         They are not always without; they can come from within - I John 2:18-19; Acts 20:30

            B.        The danger of going back - II John 8

                        1.         In a society of victims where we always look to blame our predicament on others, John states that we are primarily responsible for staying in the truth

                        2.         Yes, it is possible for a Christian to fall away from the truth - Hebrews 12:15; 10:35

                        3.         Yes, there is a necessity to constantly and carefully examine ourselves - Philippians 2:12

                        4.         And yes, we must be constantly on the lookout for Satan’s next attack - I Peter 5:8

            C.        The danger of going ahead - II John 9

                        1.         If we don’t stay within the truth, we are in danger of losing God

                        2.         Not to go beyond what is written - I Corinthians 4:6

                        3.         Many false doctrines are made to look appealing because they are called new and progressive

                                    a.         How often have you heard that we must adapt the gospel for modern society

                                    b.         Instead, society needs to adapt itself to the truth - I Peter 4:11

                                    c.         Galatians 1:6-9

            D.        The danger of going with - II John 10-11

                        1.         Extending fellowship, showing tolerance for false doctrine doesn’t solve the problem of false teachings.

                        2.         We are to be courteous and hospitable

                                    a.         Without - Hebrews 13:2

                                    b.         Within - I Peter 4:8-9

                        3.         Yet this courtesy is not extended to one who is blatantly advocating false doctrine - Romans 16:17; I Corinthians 5:11; II Timothy 3:5

                        4.         We do not afford false teachers opportunities to spread their false doctrine

V.        John 14:15-17

            A.        Love is an action. To love God is the specific action of obedience to His will

            B.        Today is the opportunity of your life, to put love into action for only in the truth can we be saved.