I Can Always Ask for Forgiveness Later

I Can Always Ask for Forgiveness Later

Text: Romans 6


I.         In pointing out some actions are sinful, it is not unusual to find people making excuses as to why they can continue in their sin

            A.        I once pointed out that sex before marriage is sinful

            B.        A girl objected. Oh, she and her boyfriend haven’t had sex per se, but they came close.

                        1.         “Yes, I know it may be a bit wrong, but I can always ask God to forgive me later.”

                        2.         Here is a person who thinks she can have it both ways – to be in the world and still accepted by God

II.        The ways of the world and the ways of God are not compatible

            A.        Do not love the world - I John 2:15-16

            B.        Friendship with the world makes you enemies of God - James 4:4-5

            C.        When focused on the world and the flesh, you cannot please God - Romans 8:5-8

            D.        You cannot do evil and expect good to result - Romans 3:8

III.       We can’t stay in sin

            A.        Cannot increase grace by sin - Romans 6:1-2

            B.        Cannot let sin reign - Romans 6:11-13

            C.        Though free, we are not free to sin - Romans 6:15-18

            D.        Liberty is not an opportunity to indulge the flesh - Galatians 5:13

IV.      God doesn’t have to forgive just because we pray

            A.        God doesn’t hear the sinner - John 9:31

                        1.         God finds the prayers of the lawless an abomination - Proverbs 28:9

                        2.         If we consider sin, God won’t hear - Psalm 66:18

                        3.         Herein is the problem, this girl believes she can consider sin, participate in it and still have God listen to her prayers.

            B.        Simon was told to repent and pray that God might forgive - Acts 8:22-23

                        1.         We cannot approach God with a cocky attitude that whatever we ask, He must grant.

                        2.         This is way Simon asked for help in approaching God - Acts 8:24

                        3.         And why we are told to pray for each other - James 5:16

            C.        Repentance is required

                        1.         We will perish without it - Luke 13:3

                        2.         Repentance is not being sorry you were wrong

                                    a.         Sorrow for what you have done should trigger a change in behavior - II Corinthians 7:9-11

                                    b.         But this person doesn’t regret her admitted sins, let alone making any attempt to submit to the will of God

            D.        Whether we are blessed by God depends on what we produce - Hebrews 6:7-8

            E.        Deliberate sin produces disastrous results - Hebrews 10:26-27

V.        God can and does forgive sins

            A.        But the idea that we can do as we please and deposit a few prayers to cancel our our deliberate sins is contrary to what the Bible teaches.

            B.        God expects us to do our best - I John 4:4-10

                        1.         It is not that Christians never sin, but that Christians reject sin. They do not stay in sin.

                        2.         It is those of the world who stays in sin

            C.        Which will you be?