God Overthrows the Wicked

God Overthrows the Wicked


I.         Do not trust in men - Psalm 146

            A.        Even a high ranking man is not trustworthy

            B.        Men die. Even with good intentions, they cannot always accomplish what they desire.

            C.        God, however, can do all things.

            D.        It is important to remember that men are very limited in power

II.        David is opposed for doing good - Psalm 109

            A.        The reason for the wicked’s hatred of David - Psalm109:4-5

            B.        In response, he will get the same treatment - Psalm 109:6-7, 17

                        1.         They shall eat the produce of their own way - Proverbs 1:31

            C.        If verse 8 sounds familiar, it was applied to Judas - Acts 1:20

            D.        David was distressed, but asked for salvation that the wicked might see that they are powerless - Psalm 109:26-29; Psalm 86:17; 112:9-10

III.       God despises the wicked - Psalm 53

            A.        Wickedness is widespread

            B.        God causes them to fear because he despises the wicked - Leviticus 26:36

            C.        Bones refers to a person’s strength - Psalm 6:2; 31:10

                        1.         Scattering bones is the same as scattering strength or causing weakness and terror.

                        2.         Fear to show that they are mere men - Psalm 9:20

            D.        Only in salvation, righteousness, is there boldness - Proverbs 28:1

IV.      The Traps of the Wicked Snare Themselves - Psalm 140

            A.        The wicked are constantly looking for war (for excuses to do battle)

            B.        They poison with their words

            C.        They lay traps to cause the righteous to stumble

                        1.         Yet they will fall into their own traps - Psalm 141:9-10

                        2.         God will see to it that they fall in their own traps - Psalm 35:4-8

V.        Failures of Secret Attacks - Psalm 64

            A.        Because they attack from secret they are fearless

            B.        They encourage each other

            C.        They have hatched the perfect plan

            D.        Just as they think they have triumphed, God shoots back

            E.        The wicked will fear, those seeing will learn, but the righteous will rejoice in God.

                        1.         Psalm 147:11 - God is happy with those who fear Him

                        2.         The wicked may be brought to God in their defeat - Psalm 83:16-18

            F.        The wise will pay close attention to these things - Psalm 107:42-43

Based on a lesson by Bob Lovelace