A Heart that Devises Evil Plans

A Heart that Devises Wicked Plans


I.        Another thing that God finds loathsome in men is people who plot to do evil.

           A.       Prov. 6:16-19

           B.       This is the reason that the world was destroyed by a flood - Gen. 6:5-7. All man thought about was evil continually.

           C.       It did not halt with the flood - Gen. 11:6. Mankind did not learn their lesson.

II.       Sounds much like modern mankind.

           A.       People can't imagine having fun without getting drunk or doing drugs.

           B.       Good is called evil and evil is called good. We have talk show hosts condemning those who state that homosexuality is wrong and we have a President trying to remove restrictions because "it is the right thing to do."

III.      Man's Thoughts

           A.       Compared to God, man's thoughts are worthless - Ps 94:11

           B.       Paul talks of the Gentile's worthless imagination - Rom. 1:21.

           C.       Of course man thinks he is something special, but fall into this trap - Col. 2:18

           D.       Within themselves, wicked men think they are alone in their plans, but God knows - Ezek. 8:12

           E.       They plot deep within themselves, thinking no one else knows. - Ps. 64:1-10.

           F.       God knows man's thoughts and their works - Isa. 66:18

           G.       God finds these thoughts disgusting - Pr. 15:26

IV.     Why should we be concerned with what I am thinking? No one else knows. They are not harming anyone.

           A.       Out of the heart comes evil thoughts and evil actions - Mt. 15:9

           B.       As a man thinks, so is he - Pr. 23:7

           C.       Those who think evil, cannot understand righteousness - Tit. 1:15-16.

           D.       They speak evil of the things they do not understand - Jude 10, II Pet. 2:12.

V.       Don't fall into this trap

           A.       Eph. 4:17 - Don't walk like the Gentiles do, in the vainity of their minds.

           B.       They have their own teachers telling them that everything is fine - Jer. 23:7

           C.       A carnal, or wordly, mind is at odds with God's purpose - Rom. 8:7 

           D.       However, God has reconciled his enemies to himself - Col. 1:21