Dress Codes

Dress Codes

I.         There is a prevailing thought that one must dress up when attending services

           A.        Many have special outfits, their "Sunday Best"

           B.        Men are expected to wear ties, a suit if they are expecting to serve at the Lord's table or to preach

           C.        Women are expected to wear dresses

II.        Common Reasoning

           A.        Give of your best to the Master

                       1.        Ex. 22:5 - Restitution is made with the best that you have

                       2.        Deut. 17:1 - Don't sacrifice flawed animals

                       3.        Misapplication of Old Law

                       4.        What sacrifice is made when dressing up?

           B.        Special occasions require special attire

                       1.        Who are we trying to please?

                       2.        Mt. 6:1-5 - charity and prayer is to be done quietly. We are serving God, not showing off to men.

III.       God doesn't Judge by Outward Appearances

           A.        James 2:1-13

           B.        God is impartial between the rich and poor

                       1.        Job 34:19 - God doesn't favor rich over the poor

                       2.        God accepts all who fear him and do his will - Acts 10:34

           C.        Being poor is not shameful

                       1.        But we insult the poor when state that their clothing is not good enough

                       2.        Can be financially poor, but rich in spirit - Rev. 2:9

                       3.        God chose the poor so no one can boast - I Cor. 1:26-31

           D.        Love your neighbor applies to everyone

                       1.        We will be treated as we treat others - Lk. 6:37-38

           E.        Quality of attire is not commanded by God

                       1.        "At least they're the best that you have. At least they are clean clothes"

                       2.        NASB-Dirty clothes, NIV-Shabby clothes

                       3.        Jn. 7:24 - Judging by appearance is an unrighteous judgement

IV.       True Sacrifice

           A.        The best time of our lives

                       1.        Eccl. 12:1 - Serve God while you are still young and have the energy to do good

                       2.        We need to spend what little time we have wisely - Eph 5:16, Ps. 90:12

           B.        The best place in our lives

                       1.        Mt. 6:33 - Put God's kingdom first in our lives

                       2.        Give ourselves wholly to reading, exhortation, and doctrine - I Tim. 4:14

V.        God gave his best to us

           A.        God sent his son to die on a cross on our behalf

           B.        And we were most undeserving