The Continuation of Slavery

The Continuation of Slavery

Text: John 8:28-36


I.         It is difficult to imagine, but slavery continues in the United States

            A.        Oh, I know that slavery officially ended with the passing of the thirteenth amendment on December 6, 1865.

            B.        Yet slavery continues to this day.

            C.        Perhaps you are thinking, “I’m an American. I was born in the land of the free, how can you possibly say there is slavery in this country?”

            D.        Two thousand years ago, Jesus addressed an audience in a similar fashion and they had a similar response - John 8:31-33

                        1.         The Jews denied being slaves, which was a lie since they were slaves in Egypt for 400 years.

                        2.         They could not imagine being a slave, let alone needing freedom from their slavery.

                        3.         The answer is in verse 34. Sin held them in slavery.

            E.        Nothing really has changed in 2,000 years. Sin continues to hold people in bondage.

                        1.         Such a subtle bond that those held by it rarely even notice the chains

                        2.         Like Ebenezer Scrooge, in the story “A Christmas Carol”, they cannot see the links weighing down their souls, which they had forged by their own actions.- Proverbs 5:22

II.        Sin is slavery

            A.        Transgressions snare a man - Proverbs 29:6

            B.        One of the most notorious kings in Israel’s history was Ahab - I Kings 21:25

            C.        When Simon sinned, notice how Peter described his situation - Acts 8:22-23

            D.        By what a man is overcome, to that he is enslaved - II Peter 2:19

                        1.         Hence lusts and pleasures can enslave - Titus 3:3

                        2.         The flesh, this world, can sell us into sin - Romans 7:14

                        3.         We are made prisoners by the law of sin - Romans 7:23

            E.        Entire nations are caught - Psalm 9:15

            F.        What is sad is that most servants of sin don’t see the chains.

                        1.         It takes effort to gently let people know their true state - II Timothy 2:24-26

III.       Notice, though, in that last passage. The righteous are referred to as bond-servants – a person who has been sold into slavery.

            A.        While life in Christ is freedom, you cannot escape slavery

            B.        You are slaves to the one you serve - Romans 6:16-22

            C.        Being a slave is not always a bad thing, it depends on your master

                        1.         Under the law of Moses, a slave was only allowed to be kept for six years - Deuteronomy 15:12-15

                        2.         However, at the time of release, the slave could choose to remain a slave - Deuteronomy 15:16-17

                        3.         Why would a person choose to remain a slave? Because he loved his master, the care the master gave him and the protection of his master.

IV.      Sin is a cruel master, but God purchased us away from the cruel master so we might serve him

            A.        The price paid was terribly high - I Peter 1:18-19

            B.        We are not our own - I Corinthians 6:19-20

            C.        It does not make sense to continue to serve a master who continually beats you down, destroys you, and for your loyalty gives you death - Romans 6:23

            D.        When you could serve a master sets you free,

                        1.         Blesses you abundantly - John 10:10

                        2.         Gives you rest - Matthew 11:28-30

                        3.         Forgives your sins - Isaiah 53:4-6

                        4.         And give you everlasting life - John 6:40

            E.        Act as free men. Act as slaves of God - I Peter 2:16

                        1.         Obey your master - Ephesians 6:5-6

V.        The Civil War was fought, in part, to free men from slavery. It was a terrible war with incredibly high casualties.

            A.        Yet, there has never been a more ferocious war fought than the one fought for the freedom of your soul.

            B.        There is no greater liberator of slaves than Jesus Christ.

            C.        Will you not accept him as your master?