Christ, the Conqueror

Christ, the Conqueror

Text: Psalm 110


I.         The Jews long looked for the Messiah of God

            A.        They saw him as a leader, like David, who would throw out the oppressive Gentiles and restore Israel to its glory days

            B.        However, Jesus was not the conqueror they expected

                        1.         They even tried to force Jesus and couldn’t - John 6:15

                        2.         The people were all set to welcome their king - John 12:12-13

                        3.         But a few days later, they killed him - John 19:14-15

II.        Where did they get the idea?

            A.        After Abraham offered up Isaac, God issued a promise - Genesis 22:16-18

                        1.         Many translations completely miss what is said in Genesis 22:17. Literally, it says, “that I will bless you greatly, and I will multiply your seed greatly like the stars of the heavens, and like the sand which is on the seashore. Your seed will possess the gate of his enemies. In your seed will all the nations of the earth be blessed, because you have obeyed my voice” (Genesis 22:17-18 WEB).

                        2.         The seed discussed is singular, as Paul points out - Galatians 3:16

            B.        One descendant multiplied Abraham’s descendants

                        1.         In one sense, Isaac and even more Jacob did this - I Kings 3:8

                        2.         But Paul said that the seed was Jesus - Romans 4:16-18

            C.        And we understand that all nations were blessed by Jesus bring salvation to mankind.

            D.        But he would also possess the gate of his enemies

                        1.         Fascinatingly, a very similar blessing is given to Rebekah, “They blessed Rebekah, and said to her, "Our sister, may you be the mother of thousands of ten thousands, and let your seed possess the gate of those who hate him.” (Genesis 24:60). Again, it is too often mistranslated.

                        2.         There would be a conqueror from Israel - Numbers 24:17-19

                                    a.         Jesus declared that he was that star - Revelation 22:16

                                    b.         He rules with a rod of iron - Revelation 19:15

                        3.         The Lord said to the Son that he would rule - Psalms 2:7-9

                                    a.         It was fulfilled in Jesus - Acts 13:32-33

                        4.         He would be both a priest and conquering king - Psalms 110:1-7

            E.        Zacharias prophesied - Luke 1:68-75

                        1.         John was the one to prepare the way of this conqueror

                        2.         But there is a hint that the enemy is not a physical one as the conqueror would bring salvation from sin - Luke 1:77

                        3.         The Messiah would bring liberty to the captives - Isaiah 61:1-2

III.       Jesus said he would raid Satan’s domain - Matthew 16:18

            A.        Gates are a defense to keep enemies out

            B.        Satan had been the ruler of this world - John 12:31-32

                        1.         When we sin, we become a part of Satan’s domain - Ephesians 2:1-3

                        2.         We are held captive - Romans 6:16-17

            C.        Jesus said he would bind the strong man and raid his home - Luke 11:21-22

                        1.         Hinted when Isaiah spoke of dividing the booty - Isaiah 53:12

                        2.         We are the prize - Psalms 68:18

IV.      In the death of Christ, the leaders of the world thought they removed a problem

            A.        I’m sure Satan, too, thought that he had won

            B.        But none of them understood what happened - I Corinthians 2:6-8

            C.        Because Jesus did not stay dead! - Acts 2:22-24, 32-36

            D.        He took Satan’s greatest weapon - Hebrews 2:14

                        1.         He holds the keys to hades and death - Revelation 1:18

            E.        Jesus heads all rule and authority - Colossians 2:9-15

                        1.         Note especially Colossians 2:15

                                    a.         He disarmed (plundered) the rulers and authorities

                                    b.         He made a public spectacle of them

                                    c.         He triumphed over them

V.        Conclusion

            A.        Nothing can stand between us and our Savior - Romans 8:35-39

            B.        He leads us to triumph - II Corinthians 2:14-16