Beginning a New Year

Beginning a New Year


I.         The people of Israel stood at the edge of the promised land. The hopes of this people were about to be fulfilled.

            A.        Giving detailed instructions on where they should go and not go, Joshua added this comment, “For you have not passed this way before.”

            B.        It is easy to lose your way in a place you have never been.

II.        In a sense, we too are about to enter new territory.

            A.        The year is drawing to a close and we are about to step into another year.

            B.        It has been an eventful year. Many things have happened that we never faced before. Some things had happened that were quite familiar. Yet, we do not know what tomorrow or the next weeks, months, or year will bring our way.

III.       The past is done.

            A.        It is over and done with. We cannot issue a recall against it. We cannot alter its events.

            B.        Our deeds have been recorded (Revelation 20:12) and we will be judged by them.

            C.        What will be said of our lives? Did we improve? Did we backslide? Did we become stronger? Or are we fading away?

IV.      We can only change the direction of our feet

            A.        The past is done, but what is your future like?

            B.        It is time for us to stir ourselves into better service for the Lord - Romans 13:11-14