The Author of Our Faith

The Author of Our Faith

Text: Hebrews 12:1-3


I.         In translating from one language to another, some words just don’t fit easily. Some words have multiple possible meanings in another language and figuring out which one of the various possible translations is hard.

            A.        Harder are the words which have multiple meanings in another language, and it is the combination of all the meanings that is needed.

II.        The Greeks had a word call archegos

            A.        It is a compound of two words which mean beginning (arche) and lead (ago).

            B.        It has three meanings in English:

                        1.         A pioneer or trailblazer who heroically opens the way for others. We have legends such people in our history: Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clarke

                        2.         The founder or originator, as in the sense of someone who founded a city or started an extend family unit.

                        3.         A leader, prince, or king. Not just someone who rules, but someone who goes first and leads the people.

            C.        In the Septuagint,

                        1.         This word was used for the heads of households

                                    a.         Exodus 6:14 referring the founders of the major clans within each tribe.

                                    b.         Also I Chronicles 8:28

                        2.         Leaders among the people

                                    a.         Numbers 14:4 - A leader to return to Egypt

                                    b.         Numbers 13:3 - Leading men in a tribe

                                    c.         Numbers 16:2 - men of renown

                        3.         This is what Jephthah as asked to be - Judges 11:6

                                    a.         They wanted a hero to lead Gilead into war and to rule over them.

                                    b.         He was to start a new course in Gilead’s history

                                    c.         Jephthah only agreed if it was to be a permanent position - Judges 11:9

                                    d.         And the elders agreed - Judges 11:10-11

                                    e.         He ruled for six years - Judges 12:7

III.       Archegos is only used four times in the New Testament

            A.        All four times it is applies to Christ.

            B.        You’ll find a variety of translations for the word as translators try to find the best English word to describe what is meant. But in reality, all three meanings are blended in discussing Christ.

            C.        Acts 3:14-15 - Peter charges the Jews of killing the archegos of life

                        1.         Jesus was the originator of all life - Colossians 1:16-17

                        2.         But he also was the trailblazer to eternal life - Colossians 1:18; I Corinthians 15:20-23; John 5:21-29

                        3.         And in doing so he becomes our head in life - Colossians 1:18; Ephesians 1:22

            D.        Acts 5:30-32 - God exalted Jesus to be archegos and Savior and Hebrews 2:10 - the archegos of salvation

                        1.         Jesus is the beginning - Revelation 1:8

                        2.         He is the beginning of salvation

                                    a.         No other name - Acts 4:11-12

                                    b.         The antitype of Adam - Romans 5:14-19

                        3.         He leads the saved - Ephesians 5:23-26

                        4.         The word “Savior” or “deliverer” is strongly associated with the Judges in the Old Testament. These are men God picked to deliver the people from their enemies, who then ruled over the people.

                                    a.         John 8:32-36 - Jesus makes us truly free

                                    b.         II Timothy 1:8-10 - Saved us in a purpose that dates back before time and so he is our Lord

            E.        Hebrews 12:2 - the archegos and perfecter of our faith

                        1.         In one way, Abraham is the father of the faithful - Romans 4:11

                                    a.         But he is not the archegos of faith. He didn’t originate faith. He doesn’t rule us.

                                    b.         Abraham look for another - John 8:56

                        2.         Jesus is the focus of our faith - John 3:18; 6:40; 8:24

                        3.         He gave us reason to believe - John 20:30-31

                                    a.         Which results in our salvation - I Peter 1:8-9

                        4.         It is to Christ people appealed to for more faith

                                    a.         The father of the demon possessed boy - Mark 9:24

                                    b.         The disciples - Luke 17:5

                        5.         He lead the way - Philippians 2:8

                                    a.         Hebrews 5:8-9 - “author” is a different word, it means the cause.

                                    b.         We look to him - Hebrews 12:3

                                    c.         As God challenged - Isaiah 45:22

                        6.         As a result he rules - Hebrews 1:1-3

                                    a.         Hebrews 2:7-10

                                    b.         It is why we call him our Lord - I Timothy 1:12-17

IV.      It is good not to lose sight of the richness of meaning found in the original language.

            A.        Now that you know more of what the Bible speaks of Jesus, what will you do this day?

            B.        Do you follow the archegos of life, salvation, and faith?

            C.        The alternative only leads to death.